8 Channel high-curren Power Sequencer
◇ 8 high-current controlled power output, the maximum current is 30A per channel
◇  Panel is with air-break  switch and manual control button, power indicator, switch status, and relay switch status indicator
◇  With simultaneously management for manual and central control or computer software, one key switch through the panel, you can turn off channels as sequencer, achieve sequencer function
◇ Use multifunctional power socket. Compatible with international, American, European Standard, and a variety of specifications two-pin power plug, without additional conversion plug
◇ Open protocols and connectors, via RS-232 international standard protocol control, can match with all the intelligent central control system or computer software control on the market
◇ standard 19-inch rack 1.5U slim design
◇ This product can be used in command and control centers, large multimedia conference room, multifunction hall, training centers, multimedia classrooms, senior villas, hotels, smart home, etc., achieve intelligent centralized and unified management control for peripheral power
◆ 1 Maximum switching voltage:. AC240V
◆ channel maximum output load> 30A (depending on the total fuse parameter)
◆ RS232 communication connector: DB9FM
◆ Operating temperature range:. -20 ° ~ 70 °
◆ Specifications:. (H) 45mmx (W) 482mmx (D) 204mm