Power Sequencer With Linking Function
1028B is an universal power sequencer (universal socket) with linking, each channel has bypass and with USB lamp lighting function. Relay selection of brand-name manufacturers, plus reliable interrupter circuit, so that the relay contacts are very small temperature raised, long life, the entire system is very reliable. The thick and high quality copper power lines and connections inside the unit, can ensure that a large current through, allowing users be confident. The universal socket with thick copper sheet we designed, not only can ensure reliable connections between plug and socket and suitable but also suitable for Chinese standard, American standard, European standard and variety of other global standard plugs, very easy to use.

◆ Power supply: 220V
◆ Channels: 8
◆ Each channel load: 220V/20A, 4400W/channel
◆ Interval: 1 second
◆ Online: Allow
◆ USB lamp socket output voltage: DC/5V50MA
◆ control: on / off, lock switch, lighting switch bypass button
◆ signal line: 3core, microphone cable
◆ Output socket: universal socket
◆ control signal connections: TRS
◆ Package dimension: 550 × 420 × 75MM
◆ Weight: 7.3kG