Professional quality performance
XLS series contains a series of excellent features and first-class reliability performance. The high-pass filter on each channel is selected from the 3rd gear, including (30Hz / 15Hz / Off). For full-range speakers, 30Hz or 15Hz can be selected to prevent useless subwoofer over-subwoofer signals. For subwoofer, you can turn it off.
Metal-clad output devices, while more expensive than plastic output devices used by other manufacturers, are highly efficient and reliable.
Using advanced equipment to detect the power curve of each device and peak power handling capabilities, and then brush and pairing.
Rugged all-steel chassis, and efficient cooling fan configuration to avoid excessive accumulation of heat.

Model XLS202 XLS402 XLS602 XLS802
Output Power 8Ω 250W 350W 500W 600W
Output Power 4Ω 400W 570W 720W 1000W
Bridge Power 8Ω 500W 700W 1000W 1200W
Frequency response 0dB/-0.8dB(20Hz~20KHz)
THD <0.5% 8Ω 20Hz~20KHz
S/N Ratio 20Hz~20KHz/>98dB
Transient response 25V/μS
Damping factor 10Hz-400Hz:>200
Crosstalk 1kHz:-76 dB /20kHz:-58dB
Input impedance 20KΩ(Balanced)/10KΩ(Unbalanced)
Input sensitivity 1.25V/4Ω
Output circuitry Class H
Protection Over heat, Short circuit, DC safeguard, Over Loading, Boot-Strap Short Test
Dimensions 480×88×456